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Writer – Editor – Journalist

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Sam is an MFA graduate from Arcadia University. She grew up thinking it was normal to spend 80% of your free time behind a laptop, painting beautiful and horrific worlds with words.

Now, she is a journalist for New Jersey-based music magazine The Aquarian Weekly and the Communications and Social Media Coordinator for one of the largest oncology practices in Florida.

On the fiction side, Sam is querying her debut young adult horror novel, Ashen, and is knee-deep in two more young adult novels.

Her shorter fiction can be found in several horror anthologies and on multiple literary websites such as Jitter Press, Humor Press, Fiction Southeast and Flash Fiction Magazine.

While she spends most of her time torturing her main characters in her fiction, she also enjoys obsessing over punk rock bands, YA novels, campy horror films, vampire lore and the spooky side of Disney.

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