Hey, Princess!

So, who doesn’t hate their hair for at least half of their life? I’m a ginger. A good chunk of me comes from Scotland, Ireland, and England, so I was “cursed” with large, curly hair. Until recently, I thought I had vibes closer to those of an evil, crazed Azkaban escapee (Helena Bonham Carter was a great inspiration in high school). But apparently, I was wrong.

A couple of years ago…

A friend and coworker at my store (along with multiple customers) told me I looked like Merida from Brave. Now, I boycotted the 2012 Pixar/Disney film because it had beaten Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie at the 2013 Oscar’s for best animated film (priorities of a former wannabe goth kid, okay?), so I hadn’t seen it – heck, I didn’t even know I was Scottish at the time. I didn’t really understand what she was talking about.

That is, until I did a comparison…

No, I’m not a Princess.

I’m way more awkward than Anna from Frozen and there’s no way this little alto can sound nearly as sweet as Snow White. Don’t even get me started on dancing – though, I’m much better at talking to animals than people. But I’ll milk it for all it’s worth, for as long as you’ll let me.

From then on, I stopped complaining about my abundance of hair (even if it does feel like I’m perpetually wearing wool hat). I embraced what’s now probably my favorite feature – especially since I can probably get away with selling it for scarves. But after a while of hearing about my Disney Princess double, it became my mission to meet Merida the next time I visited Disney to do a live comparison.

So, lovely readers!

I’m asking you to tell me if you have a look alike (living or otherwise). And if you haven’t been called out for having a look alike, who do you think you resemble?

6 thoughts on “Hey, Princess!

  1. Hi Sam, happy new year! Love reading, of course. Love reading your stuff. I don’t have remarkable hair or facial features, so no doppelganger comes to mind. But I like my face and my hair is easy. Never was into hair. I even cut my own. Most times it comes out good, but sometimes, well, Sue gently tells me to go to a professional. Last time to a pro was 3 years ago. Well, thanks for your writing! Oh, I’m reading M Train by Patti Smith, it’s not new, but it’s some great writing. β˜•

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    1. Hi Chris! Happy New Year to you, too! I’m so glad you like the blog posts. πŸ™‚ I know a couple of people out there who cut their own hair (one woman has her hair down to her knees and I think gives it a little trim every now and then!). But hey – cutting your own hair saves a good amount of money! I’ll have to check that out – M Train. I hope you have a safe, healthy, and happy new year! Give my best to everyone. ❀


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