You Know You’re “Old” When…

Millennials don’t like the thought of truly growing up. I mean, Neverland sounds rad, right? Freedom of an adult, responsibilities of a kid? Sign me right up.

Unless someone out there has any pixie dust, we have to embrace the fact that we need to figure out how to “adult” – without losing our minds. Sometimes, some of us feel like we’re stuck in this limbo between teen-dom and adult life. But if any of these feelings seem familiar to you, then congrats. You’re getting old.

Kimmy from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

You Need A Nap. Pronto.

Little kids and naps are like studying for students. You have to do it. But you’re probably going down kicking and screaming. Naps back then were total downers – why should you spend perfectly good play time asleep? Now, though, I’m willing to bet you’d trade your soul to the devil for a designated daily nap time. Where did all of that youthful energy go? Not even coffee can save us from that dreaded mid-afternoon lull.

You Have No Clue Where That Paycheck Went.

Money? What money? It’s like when you had a tough day, plop yourself in front of Netflix, and promise you’ll just eat a few Cheese-Its. Three hours later, it’s dark out, Netflix is asking if you’re still there, and that big red box is empty.

You’re sure you have money in that bank account, right? But when you check your balance and the ATM laughs at you, you realize that your hard-earned dough went to the grocery store, bills, pet supplies – and the rest was sacrificed to your slight shopping addiction.

Michelle Tanner from Full House

You Lose Patience A Lot More Easily.

Road rage, walking behind slow walkers, explaining a concept 100 different ways to someone who just can’t get it. I don’t know about you, but I find that I was a lot more patient in middle and high school. Whether this is an effect of our fast-paced, instant world, or I just feel that I don’t have the time to waste anymore, who knows. But it’s getting a lot more difficult to keep from flipping off the turd who just cut me off – only to go 10 under the speed limit.

Cartoon Network’s Courage The Cowardly Dog

You Really Wish People Would Stop Calling You.

My generation has an irrational fear of getting on the phone – yes, myself included. I used to see celebratory Facebook posts about how proud a friend was for making their own doctor’s appointment. Maybe this fear has something to do with the fact that, when growing up, we couldn’t experiment with the phone through prank calls.

The Amanda Show

You’re Still Confused About Everything

You know those books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting? There’s a series that helps new, expecting parents figure out how to go about having a kid. Well, why don’t we get a “How To Be An Adult” book when graduating high school? The diploma is cool, but I still haven’t been asked to use the Pythagorean Theorem.

When we were younger, we thought we would magically turn into this fantastic, all-knowing adult who can get those damn taxes done in half an hour while en route to Disney World to spend that big, fat tax return. Yeah. Right. We know we’re adulting because we’ve finally realized that we’re still pretty clueless about the right way to go about life.

Olaf from Disney’s Frozen II

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