When Interviews Aren’t Stressful Enough…

As a writer, I tend to be a little (very) introverted. I also like to (LOVE TO) overthink. So, put all of that together, it’s pretty obvious that stressful situations such as – oh, let’s say job interviews – aren’t my cup of tea (actually, I don’t know anyone who likes them. Does anyone?).

With that being said, I came across a memory on Facebook about how I interviewed for a pretty big position a little before I graduated with my MFA. This was something that I was qualified for, but was still kind of light on experience. So, (spoiler alert!) I didn’t get it. At the time, I wasn’t too upset about the fact that I had to dive back into the job app trenches. I was more pissed off because I had just endured the Interview From Hell and got nothing from it.

The Hunger Games

The Invitation.

Dear God. It’s Sammi. Send help.

I got an email following the initial phone screening and Skype interview, asking me to come to campus for a full day interview.

Full. Day. Interview.

Excuse me? All of you introverts out there, I’m sure your skin is crawling at the thought of it. I was invited to campus for a seven hour job interview with 20 different important people.

The Hunger Games

The Interview From Hell May As Well Have Been The Hunger Games.

For seven grueling hours, I was escorted around the company’s campus Peace Keeper-style, bouncing from interview to interview. Each was more intense than the next.

The first room was small, dark, and bare – a small table sat in the middle of the room. Only an old, tired-looking lamp sat on the edge, yellow bulb flickering almost as fast as my twitching eye(s).

Bien Manuel “Room”

Okay. Maybe Not That Bad…

Each interview felt the same and after each 30 minute sit-down, I felt more and more drained. My voice started to give out around 11:30 – and I still had another five hours-worth of speaking to go.

The end of the day could have come sooner (a lot sooner). My head throbbed, my chest hurt, there was a pretty creepy smile stuck on my face, Ariel from The Little Mermaid had more of a voice than me after she traded her tail for legs, and I was sweating to death in my little interview dress.


Apparently, These Sorts Of Interviews Happen More Often Than I thought.

These types of interviews are called “stress interviews.” They’re usually done for applicants who are applying for high-stress jobs – often they’ll do something like this for nurses, for example. Looking back at this, I’m pretty proud of how I handled the whole thing, considering I’m an Olympic champion at panicking and overthinking.

However, for those of you who ever come across any kind of strenuous interview, I have one thing to say:

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Effie, The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

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