First-time Marathoner Explains it All: Working the Camera During Your Race

I’m no model, but my background in theater and figure skating have both taught me how to soak up the spotlight – this includes feeling comfortable in front of the camera. So, how do you work the camera during a race? How do you keep the photographers from picking up on the fact you haven’tContinue reading “First-time Marathoner Explains it All: Working the Camera During Your Race”

First-time Marathoner Explains it All: Race Etiquette

Race etiquette isn’t usually mentioned at local races, so how can we possibly expect new runners to know that raising your hand prior to slowing down isn’t a request for a high-five? Learning proper race etiquette not only helps your race go more smoothly, it can also help keep you and other runners safe fromContinue reading “First-time Marathoner Explains it All: Race Etiquette”

First-time Marathoner Explains It All: 10 Things I Learned During Marathon Training

Back in April, I signed up for my first marathon. Let me preface this by saying that while I was a competitive figure skater, running during off-ice sessions helped me perfect my disappearing act. During lockdown back in 2020, I figured I should jump on the “rediscovering yourself” bandwagon and landed on running. I dabbledContinue reading “First-time Marathoner Explains It All: 10 Things I Learned During Marathon Training”

Pee and The Plastic: Bribes Don’t Last

A while back, I wrote about Maggie’s little peeing problem – and how my mother began to bribe her to use the litter box. Well – bribes don’t last. That’s right. She struck again – this time, it was in her beloved circle bed. The one that sits on the table where I work whenContinue reading “Pee and The Plastic: Bribes Don’t Last”

So You Registered for A Marathon…

So, you registered for a marathon. Now what? I signed up for my first marathon – the one at Wal Disney World in January. I’ve never gone more than 13.1 miles at once, but something, somewhere in my little ambitious mind was like, “Let’s see what happens when we run 26.2 miles in one day.”Continue reading “So You Registered for A Marathon…”

Figure Skating 101: Blades

Figure skating is a beautiful sport – it’s like ballet on ice. Only the skaters wear knives on their feet and run the risk of getting “ice burn” on any exposed skin. Growing up on the ice, I’ve encountered many questions from non-skaters. The most popular one? Are the blades sharp? Yes – the bladesContinue reading “Figure Skating 101: Blades”

So You Registered for A Marathon: The Dreadmill

Living in Florida has its perks. The summers (early May until late October), however, are not one of them. Between the Love Bugs, spiders large enough to eat a mid-sized cat, humidity thick enough to drown you, and the fear of your flip-flops melting to a Publix parking lot, let’s just say running outside isContinue reading “So You Registered for A Marathon: The Dreadmill”

An Ode to: Spiders

I hate spiders. Let’s get that out there up front. So, why would someone with self-diagnosed arachnophobia move to USA’s spider central? Like I’ve said before: I make bad decisions. Spider season sucks. In New Jersey, we had a “spider season,” which was usually from around June through late September. This was a time whereContinue reading “An Ode to: Spiders”

Chasing Dopey: Why I Run

Why run when you hate it? Good question. It’s more of a love-hate relationship. I only hate running leading up to the run and during. I love it when I can tap the little end “button” on my watch and check it off my training list. Okay. Untrue, but honestly – the act of runningContinue reading “Chasing Dopey: Why I Run”

Figure Skating 101: Jumps

If you think about it, figure skaters are gliding into jumps at top speed, throwing themselves into the air to complete an absurd amount of rotations before (hopefully) landing backwards on a quarter-inch blade. On ice. Why do we do it? Because behind all that hairspray, glitter, and dazzling smiles, we’re bat sh!t crazy. So,Continue reading “Figure Skating 101: Jumps”