Pee and The Plastic: Bribes Don’t Last

A while back, I wrote about Maggie’s little peeing problem – and how my mother began to bribe her to use the litter box. Well – bribes don’t last. That’s right. She struck again – this time, it was in her beloved circle bed. The one that sits on the table where I work whenContinue reading “Pee and The Plastic: Bribes Don’t Last”

The Pee and The Plastic

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve said anything about the cats. So, here we are. As I type, Maggie is passed out beside me, snoring. Her brother is curled up in a Chewy box by the TV. A sweet, beautiful, serene moment. However, I left out the sheets of plastic drop cloths in theirContinue reading “The Pee and The Plastic”

Cats and Christmas

In honor of Christmas Eve, I pose this thought: How many ornaments have fallen to their deaths, thanks to our furry feline friends? Notice dogs aren’t necessarily drawn to destroy the glittery objects. Cats are up to something. And I want to figure out what it is exactly. Whether they’re kittens experiencing the holidays forContinue reading “Cats and Christmas”

Can’t Live Without Them

Sometimes I feel like this is an even bigger controversy than politics. I’ve even seen this debate ruin friendships, chisel through relationships, and chop down family trees. We’re pretty passionate groups of people, I know. But why must our opinions create such wedges between us? Why can’t we just accept that some of us areContinue reading “Can’t Live Without Them”