The Pee and The Plastic

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve said anything about the cats. So, here we are.

As I type, Maggie is passed out beside me, snoring. Her brother is curled up in a Chewy box by the TV. A sweet, beautiful, serene moment.

However, I left out the sheets of plastic drop cloths in their beds, boxes, and on our couches and chairs – the sleepless nights spent up, waiting to hear if Maggie uses the litter box, or if she decides to wiz on one of our pieces of not-so-fine-but-okay-enough furniture.

The Pee.

This has been going on for over three months, now. On New Year’s Eve., accompanied with the demise of my new Apple Watch, Maggie decided to relieve herself on my big, comfy, blue chair, where I spend most of my waking hours when working from home.

Happy New Year.

Credit: Giphy

Destroyed. Sopping wet – with urine and my tears. We were able to wash the cover, but the next day, ventured out for a new cushion. For, yes, the back of the seat and the actual seat.

That night – she again let it go. And no, not like Elsa.

The Plastic.

Multiple instances later, trips to the vet, countless hours spent on research, many money dollars wasted on miracle products that will 100% work after just one use, my mother figured out this manipulative nine-pound monster took bribes to use the litter box.

Use the box, she gets five treats lined up in front of her like specialty sushi.

Of course, now Billy requests treats each time his sister uses the litter box as well. Did I mention he’s about 10 pounds heavier than Maggie?

It’s not over yet.

I won’t say how long it’s been since Maggie has gone where no cat – or being, that is – should “go.”

Credit: Giphy

But we’re starting to feel a little less stress.

Maybe she’s over it. Maybe she’s okay for now with the number of treats she’s receiving per day.

I have a feeling, though, she will soon increase her daily treat quota and strike again.

Only time will tell.

But seriously – if anyone has recommendations, please leave them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The Pee and The Plastic

  1. Elsa……ROFL! And is ur Mom a wizard (we knew she was special), as in how did she brilliantly come up with the magic number of 5 for the treats? This was awesome Sam please, please keep ‘me coming!! #bignjfan #auntie #missuall

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha!! The number 5 is Maggie’s favorite, so we had to stick with that one. 🙂 Thanks, Aunt Meri! You rock (and thanks for binging on these lol). Love and miss you!


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