Can’t Live Without Them

Sometimes I feel like this is an even bigger controversy than politics. I’ve even seen this debate ruin friendships, chisel through relationships, and chop down family trees. We’re pretty passionate groups of people, I know. But why must our opinions create such wedges between us?

Why can’t we just accept that some of us are cat people and others are wrong?

How many of you are still here after reading that? I’m kidding – while I’m a pretty solid cat person, I can’t help but turn into a puddle over puppies (older dogs are puppies, too – FYI.). But maybe if I lay out some of each animals’ pros and cons, we’ll see that it doesn’t really matter what we prefer. We’re animal-lovers, right?

Cats – Pros

(As a cat person, this took me a lot longer to form than anticipated because as I wrote this, one was pestering me for food she thought I had. I didn’t have any.)

  1. They don’t need to go out to do their business.
  2. They don’t typically need to be bathed or groomed.
  3. They vibrate when they’re happy – this can be therapeutic to humans, as well
  4. They apparently reduce stress and anxiety (as well as risk of heart attacks and strokes).
  5. They create bonds with their slaves – I mean, owners.

Dogs – Pros

  1. You know you’re worshiped by your pup.
  2. They play. A lot. So, they’re kind of like a built-in personal trainer. You better believe you’re not stopping that full-on sprint until you guys catch that squirrel.
  3. They constantly want to be around you – and they let you know.
  4. They generally love to be held – even the big ones.
  5. They’re kind of like a living, breathing vacuum cleaner and with eat anything you give them.

Cat – Cons

  1. They’re a**holes. You try to pet their bellies when they give them to you and WHAM you suddenly need ten stitches.
  2. Your furniture looks exactly like the kitty’s scratching post.
  3. If you have more than one, they will get jealous.
  4. They won’t eat anything unless you hand feed them and beg them to eat (I didn’t sign up to have two furry toddlers).
  5. Why must you sleep on my black tees and leggings??

Dogs – Cons

  1. Sometimes, they have too much energy and you can only consume enough caffeine before your heart explodes.
  2. You have to let them outside for the bathroom – even in the wee hours of the morning, In the middle of winter. When there’s 10 feet of snow.
  3. They need baths. And tend to smell pretty funky until they’ve dried off.
  4. Why is everything so slimy and slobbery??
  5. My shoes have all become chew toys; I guess barefoot can be a new style.

But we love our goofy floofs anyway. What side are you on? Tell me why in the comments! May the best pet win.

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